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I recently received an e-mail from a prospective bride and I thought that her questions were very good and I am sure are on many girls minds when planning their important day.

Here are her e-mails and my replies. Please let me know what you think.

Dear Giggles (?)
I am looking for a magician for a wedding in Morayshire in April. I don’t know where to start. Any thoughts?
many thanks

Hi Charlie,
First of all congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

Magical entertainment at weddings is becoming increasingly popular.

Here are some guidelines:
1 Decide whether you need a children’s entertainer or wish the adults to be entertained, or indeed both.
2 Decide when you want your entertainment e.g. When the photos are being taken, during the meal, during the speeches or any combination of them.
3 Ask friends who they had and what their experience was. It is always better having a rock solid performer. After all it is a very special day particularly for the bride and you don’t want to take any chances.
4 Having selected a number of potentially suitable entertainers give them a phone call and speak with them. At this stage you will probably dismiss some of them because they do not “sound right” for you.
5 Don’t necessarily go for the most expensive entertainer. Find out exactly what they will do for you but definitely do not go for the cheapest. They are cheap for a reason. Like most things in this life you do get what you pay for.
6 If possible go and see your magician perform e.g. This afternoon I am performing at a wedding being held in the Equestrian Centre, Bishopton

Another point to ponder. I am sometimes asked to show the groom how to do a trick which he includes within his speech. It is so unexpected and the guests reaction is absolutely priceless.

I hope that this helps you.

Take care.
With very kind regards

Thank you very much for your advice. And are there other websites we could use to find potential candidates? I suppose in the absence of seeing the magician first hand a video would help – is this standard practice? Nice to see your testimonials too!

In response to your questions:

1. childrens and adults
2. during drinks at the start of the reception and possibly for the kids during the meal ie 4-8pm or thereabouts
3. will ask around!
4 5 6 work in progress!

I like the idea of a groom’s trick very much!

best wishes

The big problem with web sites is that a great web site does not guarantee a great performer.

I am always amazed at the performers who can manage along to take a stand at a wedding fair. I know that I work every weekend and cannot manage along to a wedding fair so why are they NOT WORKING ??

It is like all the other people you need to arrange, the photographer, the cars, the venue etc. See a lot and don’t be in a rush to take the first one you find. Also like the other parts of a wedding arrangement you will find a wide variance of prices. My advise always is work within your budget but not to scrimp and select second best to save a few pennies. It is always false economy. Sometimes missing something out is the better alternative. For example you may want to have an entertainer, chocolate strawberries, cameras on every table for the guests to use, a creche for the very young children, fancy over-the-top favours to name but a few. All this adds up. By missing something out means you have more cash to spend on the other more important items.

Another example, you may wish an entertainer for the adults and an entertainer (either the same or a different one) for the children but all this adds up. Deciding just to entertain the children may be your priority and by missing out the adults you can use this cash saved to get a better, albeit more expensive children’s entertainer or vice versa. The longest I have done at a wedding is from 2.30pm to 9.00pm, and they would not let me go once they discovered that I also read palms, but this is unusual. Two hours is the norm.

A video will help choose an entertainer but remember no two weddings are ever the same. Please ensure that your entertainer is flexible to your needs not what suits him. This is really no different than if you were to choose a new car or piece of furniture. Some poor sales people, especially if they are on commission sell what they want to sell regardless than what the clients needs. Also remember that it is your special day and you deserve the best. Don’t take any chances which may spoil your special day. Sorry if I sound cynical but it is difficult to know who to trust these days.

A good entertainer should be able to give you lots of ideas from his experience of performing at lots of venues.

Take care and have a great wedding. Hopefully it will be your one and only wedding !!! Only joking I am sure that it will be.

As before I would like you to have a fantastic time and if there is anything you want to bounce off me feel free to go ahead.

Kind regards

There you have it.  Thoughts that I am sure worry many future brides.  I hope that this is of use to someone.

aka Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete


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