More brides than ever before want children at their wedding but they are not sure how or when to keep them amused.  The favourite spot to entertain children is during the speeches which can be very boring for children.

The following tips should help you:

Have a table for arts and crafts.
It is best to have a table a little lower to suit the size of the children and of course smaller chairs are a must. Give each child a personalised pack to include balloons, crayons, glue, paper and card and maybe a colouring book showing wedding scenes for the girls and monsters for the boys. Avoid paints and water to save ruining wedding clothes. Arrange for each child to have their own personalized arts and craft box to take their creations home afterwards.

Set up a special kid’s area.
It might be possible to arrange a separate room to entertain the children. Here you can provide DVD’s of their favourite cartoons, games to play and even internet access for the older children, under suitable supervision of course. Board games and jigsaws go down well but make sure that you have something age appropriate Hire a crèche worker or baby sitter to supervise the children and to guide them in the fun. If you don’t want to hire someone to do the task consider asking a responsible teenager of a family friend to assist. Consider having children’s music to listen and dance to and even play games to. Where a separate room might not be available consider a separate area at the back of the main function area cordoned off for just the children.

Hire a professional children’s entertainer.
A good way to keep your little guests occupied during the speeches is to hire an entertainer such as a clown or magician to perform for the children.  This has the advantage of giving the children something very special and out of the ordinary making the whole wedding experience more memorable.

Children’s entertainers vary considerably.  Some may do, for example, juggling, magic, face painting, balloon modelling, teaching circus skills.  The actual content required will depend to an extent on the age range of the guests.  A good idea is to have and entertainer who can perform a number of skills and can vary their act to suit a wide age range of guests. 

These services are well worth the small additional cost especially if you’re having a number of children at your wedding.



There have been many changes to the children’s entertainment market over the past ten years. 

As an expert in the children’s party market I have had to hone my show over time to reflect these changes.  Continual innovation is a must if you want to avoid a tired out of date boring show.  Children today are much more sophisticated than they were a few years ago.  They are very savvy and much more confident than ever before and not afraid to express their views especially if they are not happy with what they see. 

Once they reach around six years of age they have probably been to over one hundred birthday parties.  Entertainers have to come up with new ideas to keep their shows fresh and unique.  After all no entertainer wants a room full of children bored with the same old tricks and games. 

My number one tip for someone wanting to become a successful children’s entertainer is to keep abreast with what’s in and what’s out for the age group you wish to entertain.  Know their sense of humour and whatever you do don’t patronise your young audience. 

To learn the Top Ten Party Questions Parents Ask view http://www.mrgiggles.co.uk/Top-Ten-Party-Questions-Parents-Ask.htm

Thought I would share some good news with you.

I have been getting some really cool press coverage on Scotland’s national newspaper the Daily Record, and Sun Newspapers as well as numerous local papers and the Sunday Post.  The story was picked up and discussed in detail on the BBC Radio Show Fred MacAulay & Co  where Fred and comedian Allan Carr were discussion my career change.

Apparently after discussion they both agreed that they could not become a children’s entertainer.  Come to think of it I could not be a comedian or radio presenter.  I guess it is a case of  horses for courses.

My initiation into blogging came from after chat with Matt Henkes of Sift Media a leading business-to-business publisher. I had previously enrolled in a Boot Camp that Sift Media was running for small businesses and along with three other candidates we had covered PR, which in itself was a new experience for me, and now it was the turn of blogging. Even the name frightened me. It quickly became apparent that all the other candidates were into blogging in a big way and I was the only virgin. Best foot forward I set up a page and started blogging all the while unsure if I was on the right track.

I started by explaining a bit about myself so that readers could understand where I was coming from and a bit about me as a real life person. I followed this up with a couple of tips to help parents ensure that their children had a great party. It is amazing how parents can sabotage the best efforts of even the most fantastic children’s entertainers out there.

I shall follow up my experience in blogging in a short blog diary and continue to add value to anyone thinking of hosting a kids party, or even corporate entertainment for family days for employees. In the meantime if anyone has any questions they would like answered concerning family and children’s entertainment feel free to get in touch.

Hiring an entertainer is a great idea for your child’s birthday party but make sure that your entertainment is age appropriate. For example, a magician might be too boring for kids under the age of 7, while a clown might not interest children older than say 9 years If you decide to hire a clown please ensure that the children are not afraid of clowns. Choose a clown who is willing to wear little or no make up, leaving a lot of skin exposed so that very young children, who potentially may be a little unsure will not be frightened.

Don’t be afraid when hiring a clown to ask him/her not to wear any make up and to perform balloon animals, face painting and so on without being dressed as a clown. A professional entertainer should be happy to accommodate your wishes but if he is not then go elsewhere.

Theme Parties

A great way to make your party swing is to hire an entertainer who specialises in theme parties. An entertainer who has a number of different characters suggests one who is adaptable, versatile and one who is willing to meet your party requirements rather than try and sell a one size fits all show. Contrary to some opinion a theme party need not cost you much more with just a little creative planning using the correct entertainers expertise.

Ask your chosen entertainer to offer suggestions to make your party different and therefore more talked about and memorable.

Here are lots more ideas for your assistance.

If the entertainer is unable or unwilling to assist you make the right choice to individualise your child’s party, thus ensuring your best successful original birthday party ever, then chances are he/she does not care about your child’s needs and will not give his/her all to assist you.

All pretty much common sense really.  If your entertainer does not excite you when you are booking him then he is unlikely to excite your child.

Well meaning parents often unknowingly build problems into the party and cause themselves unnecessary stress and grieve.  Any one of the under noted points by themselves can ruin your child’s party. 

Inviting Too Many Children

It’s nice to think that your child is very popular and having lots of children at their party demonstrates this to the world at large.  It is very difficult to control large numbers of excited children and indeed adults too exhibit different characteristics when in a mob.  Also remember many children find large groups very stressful. 

Lots have been written on how people change when in large groups and even the most respectable person can become a violent thug at a football match.  A too large class within schools has been highlighted as a source of poor education standards.  Best numbers at a birthday party is between 20/30 children. 

Having Children Over a Wide Age Range.

What interests a four year old is different as to what would interest a ten year old.  Trying to appeal to all age groups will cause you unnecessary additional stress.  For a successful party keep everything age appropriate and concentrate on the age of the birthday child. 

Inviting Adults to Stay

If your party is in one room or hall having a group of adults talking in the background will create a lot of noise over and above the normal noise expected from the children.  As each group struggles to be heard the noise level will escalate.  If you are providing your adult guests with snacks and wine watch the noise level soar as inhibitions are lowered.  It is best to have a separate room for the adults so that everything remains civilised!! 

Trying to Cram Too Much Into A Party

Having too much choice of food, hiring a bouncy castle, hiring an entertainer, showing a cartoon film, hiring a limousine to take the children on a spin will stress out the average child.  The focus should be on your child not showing off your wealth or creativity.  Always keep things simple. 

Abdicating Responsibility For The Children Behaviour

Any and all of the above is likely to lead to bad behaviour.  If someone misbehaves at an adult party it is the hosts responsibility to safeguard the enjoyment of the other guests.  It is exactly the same at a children’s party.  Parents should not be afraid to say to a child who is misbehaving that their actions are inappropriate.  It can be difficult however if the child’s own parent is at the party and they are ignoring the bad behaviour.  All to often parents do nothing and expect an entertainer to stop the problem.  Entertainers are hired to entertain not to discipline children, nor to teach them manners or social skills.  For a parent to sit back and do nothing could ruin their child’s party. 

I would love to learn other entertainer’s experiences as well as those of parents as a whole blog could be written on each topic.  I am happy to expand on the forgoing if anyone is interested.  After all everyone wants to have great parties building happy childhood memories and have lots of fun without the stress. 

Thanks for reading.  You will find more tips here.

Children will always remember the excitement, fun and enjoyment that they experienced during the party long after the party has ended so your right choice of entertainer is paramount.

Your child’s party could become the best party in town if you follow these basic rules. 

The first rule to planning your child’s birthday party is to based the party around the desires of your child and hire your entertainer accordingly.  For example if a prate theme is desired then you need a pirate entertainer.  Always bear in mind that the primary beneficiary and the main object of the party is the birthday child.  So if you want their party to be a success the wishes and decision of the birthday child should always be respected.   

After the birthday child you want to ensure that all your guests are totally satisfied and happy.  This again means hiring a professional birthday party entertainer.  He or she will have all the necessary experience and training to meet your every wish. 

Kids today get bored easily and you do not want them fidgeting and running wild all around the place because of lack of fun activities.  The second rule for ensuring a successful kids birthday party is to keep the children busy and active and this is where your entertainer comes in. 

The third rule is to remove any hazards to ensure that the children are operating in a save environment.  Children’s birthday parties are generally safe events however common sense precautions should apply and any known danger areas such as ponds should be made out of bounds.  Please also ensure that your entertainer has all the legal requirements such as written risk assessments, safety statements and all electrical equipment have been tested and that he himself is vetted and approved to work with children.