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When preparing for your child’s birthday party, please take time out from your busy schedule to plan all the details of your party well in advance.

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail has never been truer when organizing a kid’s birthday party. Small things like balloons, streamers, food, and games designed to fit the theme of the party help create the right ambiance for the day. By preparing well in advance you ensure that nothing is missed out.

Prepare lists and tick the items of the items as they are bought and store them carefully all in the same place.  This helps remove any last minute panic.

Always remember whose party it is and who the star is.  Make sure that you involve the birthday boy or girl from the start of the planning process as well as through out the planning process. Young adults love being a part of their celebration.  If truth be told, they will be absolutely thrilled to help with the party theme, guest list and all the many associated party preparations.

Developing a theme is always a good place to start as everything then falls into place as you build around your theme. Items such as the plates, napkins, and decorations etc help unify your party theme.  There are loads of party themes to choose from when planning your child’s birthday party and because you know your child better than anyone else, you and they, choose what they would love best. This is the start of making your child’s party special for your child and friends. Choose your theme carefully and finding all your items can be easy.  Choose badly and you face an uphill daunting task and you could end up spending a fortune.

All too often mums make the mistake of trying to organize everything by themselves from start to finish.  Do not be afraid to ask family members and friends to help you with the arrangements. Extra hands and minds really do help a lot not especially introducing fresh ideas which you may not have thought about.  Other parents will tell you the problems they encountered in the past and what they would do differently next time around.  Learn from their experience and remember to pass on the tips you learn along the way when it is their turn to ask for help.

Birthday parties are all about building happy birthday memories, which will last a lifetime, so please take lots of photographs and even video your party so that the happy memories remain engraved forever.  Your child will thank you.

Depending upon the age of the birthday child and the number of children (and adults) coming to your party you may choose to hire a hall rather than have the party at home.  Personally, I prefer home parties and always had my girl’s party at home.  We much preferred it.  Decorate your venue or home as festive as possible. After all, it is a party.  If having the party at home please make sure that you keep any valuables and breakables in another room and don’t forget to close the door.

If you have any animals, keep them away as some of your young guests may be frightened or distracted by an over excited animal.  The last thing that you want is a young child crying because your cuddly pet jumped up and frightened them.  For the safety or your pet too keep them away as children may they may unwittingly or accidentally hurt your small pet as they wish to lift cuddle them!

You must set a time limit for the celebrations especially if your son or daughter is young. Setting a time limit ensures that the event does not drag on and on for both the kids and parents. For a child’s birthday party you must make sure that all your games and activities end within the specified time limit. A time limit of two hours is, generally speaking, more than enough for the kids to have fun.

Make a schedule for a kid’s party will keep things moving along nicely. Prepare a list of what your guests will be doing from the time they arrive until the time they leave.  Do not make it too regimented though as it is a party and an overcomplicated schedule is a recipe for disaster.

Plan the games and additional activities well in advanced so that you do not have any last minute disappointments. If you are using an entertainer make sure that they are experienced especially if there is going to be a wide age range of children.

If you are planning an outdoor party have a backup plan just in case it rains or the weather turns cold. Remember being prepared is time well spent.

Lastly enjoy your child’s celebration. Go with the flow and have fun.



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