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Finding the right children’s entertainer can be a very daunting experience for many parents. Many mums will search the internet or go through the Yellow Pages, phoning one number after another with no idea of what they really want or what kind of performer will be best for their child’s party. Also it is understandably very difficult to imagine what the show will be like from a verbal description over the phone. Many professional entertainers will do their utmost to paint a clear picture of what they do and, if they sound cheerful and enthusiastic, it is a fair bet to assume that they will deliver their performance in a similar manner.

Today an ever increasing number of Children’s Entertainers are full-time professionals who will have entertained a wide variety of children in many different situations. They will have appeared over the years everywhere from people’s homes to theatres and village halls, hotels, back gardens and even shopping centres. Their audiences will have included children of all age ranges and they will be used to audiences ranging from one or two children to many hundreds.

With this in mind it is important to listen to the entertainer’s advice regarding the best type of show for your particular situation. A big mistake for a parent is to have a fixed idea of what they want and, despite all advice to the contrary, to stick with that idea until they find someone who will do as they wish. This invariably leads to disappointment on the big day when they realise that the show is not being received as they envisaged.

While price is a major consideration for lots of people beware of allowing this to cloud your judgement. In any given location most entertainers will charge a similar fee. Rest assured they will all be aware of the average price being charged by their colleagues and the chances are that any price differences will be insignificant. With this in mind it is simply not worth basing your choice purely on price. There are of course always exceptions and you will come across one or two who are either way above or way below the average. As a general rule you do get what you pay for and don’t be afraid to ask any entertainer why their prices are so different from the rest.

Please, please to avoid disappointment always book your entertainer first before finalising your party arrangements. It is a big mistake to send out invitations or book your hall before enquiring to see if you can get your preferred entertainer for that day. The most popular time for children’s parties is weekends and if you are booking entertainment for a Saturday or Sunday be sure to do this far in advance of your preferred date.

Always remember good entertainers are always in demand and tend to get booked well in advance. This advice is doubly relevant if you are trying to engage the services of one particular entertainer who has been recommended to you or one that your child has particularly asked for.

As a general rule try and have a couple of alternative dates to hand when you are booking and remember it is never ever too early to book.

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