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Does this sound familiar?

Year after year each Birthday Party gets harder and harder to plan. The demands seem to increase and the bog standard entertainer with the same old bag of tricks is simply no longer fun.

This biggest mistake parents can make is putting this off until a few months before your child’s event.  Many mums knowing the problem often book 3-6 months in advance! (We have actually been book out as far as 18 months in advance!) Start thinking about your child’s birthday party NOW.  Here are a couple of ideas that may add some spice to little “Mary’s” next big event.

1.   Audience involvement. Think about ways you can get everyone involved, perhaps an interactive game, talent show or interactive comedy magic show.  The more involved everyone gets the more fun they will have and these are terrific ways to stimulate the interaction.

Imagine your young guests not simply watching a show…but actually being a part of the show.  This is something that will create memories that will last a lifetime.  This is why Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete does not do any magic; the children  do the magic especially the Birthday child.

2.   Give them a show that will bring the group together and make them happy they are attending your child’s party.  It is  hard to beat quality entertainment to take everyone away from the same old birthday party routine. Keep in mind that the best entertainers will get booked early! Give them the best you got and watch them laugh and rave about your party for years.

3.   Give your young guests variety.  Magic and music are always fun but for something new and exciting, you cannot beat the novelty of a
variety act.  Get creative, think out of the box and bring a show or performer that will blow their minds.  Not the same old thing, but something new and exciting. Something that will make them sit up and take notice, something that will be the talk of the playground for many months to come.  That is why Mr Giggles / Pirate Pete always give lots of variety, puppets, magic, games, competitions and dancing.

4.   Give them FUN.  Everyone likes to laugh.  Give them some quality entertainment that willhave them fall down laughing out of their chairs and you will have a happy group.

It may be summer holiday time and planning your next Holiday event is uppermost on your mind but don’t forget time has a habit of flying by so plan your child’s next party NOW will insure that your child gets the best birthday party entertainment options to satisfy their needs.

Feel free contact me for any date availability.  I look forward to working with YOU this year to help ensure that your child has the best party ever.

Gordon Dickson


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