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As you may know I have been seriously looking at whether I should move more towards becoming a children’s entertainer at wedding as I perceive the money to be better or, because I have picked up a couple of really good corporate gigs recently should I be chasing corporate work, again because the money is better than the birthday party market. Or should I stick with what I do at the moment.   You might find my conclusions of use in your own business.  I wish I could claim it was my idea but It is not.  

Most of us have worked for years on eliminating bad habits, often with limited success. But have you ever thought about getting rid of the “good” things in your life?  Maybe you should. Have you ever considered that maybe “good” isn’t good enough?  That maybe “good” is the enemy of “great”? 

One of the top selling business books of the past decade was “From Good to Great.”  In it, the author outlined a few key concepts that major corporations, including Microsoft, have worked very hard to implement to their credit and success. 

The core idea of the book is to only pursue those activities at which you can do great. Not Just good, but great.  The book invites us to consider the difference between the fox and the hedgehog. 

The fox is good at a lot of things. He’s quick. He’s smart. He’s adaptable to his environment.  He’s got a good sense of smell. And he’s able to make a meal out of just about anything he can catch or find.

 The hedgehog, on the other hand, doesn’t do anthing particularly well.  He’s not very fast.  He’s not known for his IQ and he’s certainly not the most charismatic of animals.

 But the hedgehog does one thing very, very well.  In fact, at this one thing, he’s great.  He can, in an instant, curl up into a nearly impregnable ball of spines. Even if the fox finds him, the hedgehog is safe and secure from attack.  And so the quick and intelligent fox is overcome by the somewhat dull yet incredibly great hedgehog.

The lesson of the hedgehog is one we should all ponder.  What is it that YOU can become GREAT at?  

We can all do a lot of things pretty well. Unfortunately, Pretty well doesn’t raise your services above the level of a commodity.  To make the kind of impact in your market that you want, we all need to identify what It is we can honestly claim as greatness.  And once you can do that, and make that clear across all our marketing, you will never have to struggle with being labeled a commodity ever again.

By the way in case you are wondering what I am going to do?  I am just going to concentrate on the birthday party market.  Client comments cannot all be wrong http://www.mrgiggles.co.uk/Birthday-Party-Reviews-%20Comments.htm 

Anything that comes from weddings and corporate work is a bonus.

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